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Hanco Industries - Adhesive distributor and retailer in Trinidad & Tobago
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Quality Assurance 20th August 2014

Inherent as the concept of research and development is to a manufacturing concern as ours, so to is quality assurance. The company subscribes to the concept of total quality control, our quality assurance program starts at the customer, runs through all facets of our operations and extends beyond into our supplier/vendor base. 

Our quality assurance program starts with the customer to analyze his / her needs as requirements in our product or service. These customer requirements are then disseminated throughout the organization as critical success factors in satisfying the customer, increasing market share and resulting improvements in operational margins. The critical factors focus on those administrative tasks and operational processes with the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. The tasks or processes identified become the focal point for continuous improvement. The continuous improvements take the form of process or procedure changes, capital expenditures to upgrade equipment or improve quality and value of incoming raw materials. Our quality assurance program promotes the adherence of quality not only on the plant floor but throughout the entire organization as well.

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