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Hanco Industries - Adhesive distributor and retailer in Trinidad & Tobago
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Corporate Values 20th August 2014

Our Mission


  • To be the innovators in adhesives and resin development, setting the standards for regional manufacturers, while providing unmatched technical expertise to the industry. 
  • To optimize the return on shareholders' capital, and generate surpluses for dividends, growth and development. 
  • To maintain a harmonious and challenging environment where employees are encouraged to grow and develop to their fullest potential. 
  • To contribute to national development by participating in social, cultural and educational programs.


Our Overall Objectives


Products and Customers 


  • To provide quality, reliability and good value in the products and services we sell. 
  • To be sensitive and responsive to changing customer needs from product development to after-sales service. 
  • To develop the right relationships between the company and all its customers, so that their needs are met simply and effectively.




  • To achieve high and increasing levels of profit, so enabling us to meet our responsibilities to shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers, and to the community as a whole. 
  • To improve our competitiveness by constantly enhancing the performance of our manufacturing, engineering, installation, marketing and administrative functions.




  • To encourage ideas for new and improved products, for new applications of technology and for improvements in manufacturing skills and efficiency.
  • To give full consideration to the problems and opportunities before entering new fields, while accepting that properly quantified risks must sometimes be taken.




  • To enable people to share in the company's success; to recognize their individual achievements; to help them attain satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from their work; to seek to provide job security. 
  • To foster a spirit of co-operation between individuals and groups, and trust and understanding between managers and their people, based on the belief of employees in the good faith and integrity of their colleagues, managers and the company as a whole. 
  • To provide opportunities for advancement based upon individual initiative, ability and accomplishment, and to give employees appropriate opportunities to improve their skills and capabilities and prepare themselves for more responsible jobs.




  • To provide objectives and leadership which generate enthusiasm at all levels; to select managers who are not only enthusiastic themselves but who have the ability to engender enthusiasm among their colleagues. 
  • To practice management to the highest standards of competence and to employ the best available techniques; to ensure that the leadership exercised by each manager, at whatever level, should have balanced regard for the task, the team and the individual. 
  • To ensure that those company-wide policies whose observance is mandatory are clearly defined, are made known to employees and are kept up to date. 
  • To encourage initiative, enterprise and creativity; to emphasize what is to be done while leaving room whenever possible for creative solutions compatible with the overall goal.


Relations With The Community 


  • To be an economic, intellectual and social asset to the local community, the nation, and the region as a whole. 
  • To respect the environment and to be sensitive to the interests of people living in the neighborhoods in which we have plants. 
  • To encourage people to fulfill their personal sense of duty to the community as well as their objectives within the company. 
  • To help in finding the solutions to national problems by contributing knowledge and talent. 
  • To conduct the company's affairs with honesty and integrity. People at every level will be expected to adhere to high standards of business ethics, and the company will comply with the spirit as well as the letter of the law. 
  • To pursue a policy of equality of opportunity whereby all personnel actions will be accepted regardless of race, colour, religion or sex.




  • To be concerned with performance and results and ensure that the method of achievement of short-term targets does not jeopardize long-range growth. The climate in which these objectives shall be pursued will be open and communicative and encourage the exercise of initiative, enterprise and creativity. Employees should enjoy satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from their involvement and participation in the work. 
  • To attempt to combine the accountability, flexibility and freedom characteristic of a small company with the strengths of a large organization. 
  • To harness the combined efforts of each individual in the organization towards common goals by providing objectives which are realistic and clearly understood by everyone and which reflect the basic character and personality of the organization. 




  • To adopt the best standards of corporate and individual behavior. On corporate standards this means, for example, making fair contracts, ensuring equal opportunity. On individual behavior, it means for example that no manager will offer or accept a financial inducement such as to be likely to corrupt. It also implies that whatever is attempted by the company or its managers will be to the best possible standard of achievement, while also being sensible, practical and economical.

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